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17-Jan-2018 15:37:26

Spanish Winter IFAS Deployment

Reading the Irish Independent Business sum up of 2017, I could not help but think they were, in fact, writing about OxyMem's 2017; a number of points resonated. The 'A good year for Irish tech firms...' article looks back at events, legislation and social changes that occurred in 2017 but will have an effect on 2018.


07-Nov-2017 22:08:33

Legislation puts pressure on legacy WWTP’s

Some of the harshest wastewaters across the globe may be closer to home than you think.


Thankfully, over the past few decades the world population has turned a corner in terms of increased environmental awareness and the need for a sustainable future. Formal environmental protection agencies and groups have been established, regionally and globally, to both protect ourselves and our natural resources. One area that has gained considerable attention is wastewater. Effluent discharges, especially those from companies into our streams, lakes and rivers are now under scrutiny. Though it hastaken tens of years to arrive at this welcomed environmental awareness juncture, and no doubt will take considerably more years from now to engrain in our mindset, the reality is that this first step on this journey has been the easy one. Looking after our planet in a sustainable manner, though possible, is not easy.  Step one, saying “we will take action” is always easy…

The hard part comes after the decision to take action has been made. Solutions are then sought and when they are found they must be implemented. Not so easy as step one.

13-Sep-2017 12:09:58

Time To Invest In Water

“Thirty to 50 years from now, more or less, the water wars are going to start,”  predicts Matthew Huber and Steven Sherwood - An Adaptability Limit to Climate Change Due to Heat Stress (2010).

The context for this claim was rooted in their analysis of climate change, and when viewed through the lens of recent events their assessment seems pretty accurate.

14-Jul-2017 15:02:17

Increase Treatment Capacity, Increase Revenue

The wastewater treatment facility is viewed only as the back end of industrial plants. To most, it holds no value.

If an investor was to assess an industrial business for its current and potential future worth, he or she would simply note the fact that an asset or structure exists on site for treating a process by-product (wastewater). Few spot the opportunity that exists in this underutilized asset.


22-Mar-2017 15:17:38

Biofilm...Beathe Deep with MABR

The Membrane Aerated Bioflm Reactor consists of two main components the membrane and the Biofilm.  The Biofilm which is a consortia of micro-organisims growing attached to each other and in most cases also to a surface, is what actually breaks down the pollutants in the wastewater. Biofilm or Fixed Film technologies have been around for over 100 years. With trickling filters one of the oldest wastewater treatment technologies in existence. Up until recently all biofilm systems whether submerged or non-submerged have been co-diffusional biofilms. This means that all the nutrients and oxygen diffuse into the biofilm together from the exposed surface. The material on which the biofilm is attached is inert and does nothing apart from provide the surface upon which the biofilm grows, which means there is no need for recovery of the biomass as its always in the reactor.  These co-diffusion biofilms have limited reaction rates due to diffusional limitation within the biofilm.

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