Learn about the MABR trial options available

We have a number of trial options which can cost as little as €2,500 Euro, allowing you to demonstrate the power and advantages of MABR at your own site or in the Lab. Our trial options range from small scale field units to complete laboratory solutions which can fully simulate large scale field applciations. Please take two minutes to compete this form and we will get back to you with an options that meets you need and fits your budget.

MABR can help you achieve a lower OPEX cost for wastewater treatment:

  • 75% energy savings
  • 50% reduction in sludge
  • Add up to 50% treatment capacity into exisiting tanks
  • Save in footprint (up tp 80% savings on tanks)
  • Completely automated with OxyMem's patented control system (Remote access)



Energy Savings
Easy Install
Competitive Pricing
Multiple Applications

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